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S – Self-confidence

K – Keep up Improvement

I – Individualisation

N – Natural


Skin Roots, Malaysia is one of the brands which is occlusive owned by Leafganic Group.

Our story began in year 2013. Back then, the founder and the co-founders were separately involved in different skincare, beauty, and health-related industries. After 7 years of experience with one to one skin consultation to our existing skin customers, we have found the one heart direction & dream to start up “Skin Roots” in order to provide the number ONE home’s skin food remedy for beauty lovers.

SKIN is the largest external organ for us. We believe the appearance of healthier skin comes from safe and effective skin food to feed all the way to the roots of our skin.

Our Story

Do you know Avocado oil is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A, D, and E. It does not only help in retaining the skin elasticity, prevent ageing and reducing acne issues, relieve inflammation and treating eczema but also ease the symptoms of sunburn and protecting skin from harmful UV radiation.

Our sunscreen is mainly made up of avocado oil and rice bran oil which are good for those who needed a lightweight texture with water-rich non-greasy feel kind of sunscreen, not clogging pores and giving your skin a great UVA & UVB protection on day and night.

Our Main Ingredient: AVOCADO
Beauty Is A Fragile Gift.

A lot of us skip sunscreen as we hate the greasy feel and uneasy sticky feeling on our face! We also worry it will cause clogged pores and worsen the breakout issues.

However, do you know 90% of skin issues like premature ageing skin, spider veins, sunspots, more wrinkles, weak immune system, skin cancers and etc are all caused by harmful UV on our skin?   Too much sun breaking down the collagen beneath the skin. 

 Using the right sunscreen for your skin will help keep skin looking young & healthy!

Our sunscreen is mainly designed for consumers who are looking for water-rich, lightweight yet fast absorption kind of sunscreen with middle coverage for better skin complexion.

Is Sunscreen is a MUST on us?
Time To Treat Yourself!
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